About Us


About us, we are a fun loving family that moved to Virginia in March of 2022. We have loved it here! We have 3 kids who are actively involved in sports and dance. They love being involved in all decisions we make as a family. In January of 2023 we decided to surprise our kids with a Mini Goldendoodle puppy, they were so excited. One of our daughters began to cry tears of excitement. She was so excited to have a puppy.

We let the kids pick the puppies name and they selected Champ, which is why we named the company Champs Pet Supply. Champ quickly became a member of the family that we didn’t know we were missing. With a puppy comes a lot of responsibilities, potty training being one of the big ones. Champ has always been a picky eater, we had a hard time finding the right treats to motivate him to go potty outside.

We started using the petite treats we are selling on this site, because Champ loves them. After we started using these treats potty training became much easier as he loved them and was excited to get a treat after every time he went potty. We just knew that we needed to bring these amazing treats to the rest of the world. We are excited to share these treats with you and we know your dog will love them as much as our Champ does.